Lomborg and the media
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From the very start Lomborg depended on the media for his success, i.e. newspapers, radio, television, and other media. His extraordinary ability to have the media do what he wanted them to has been crucial to his career. Without generous and copious support from the media, an author making so many crucial errors in his books and spreading so much misinformation could not have come so far.

The following pages on Lomborg-errors deal with Lomborg´s relations to the media:

Lomborg and the Danish media
How Lomborg benefits from support from an editor-in-chief
How Lomborg won a debate in Politiken
                                      Comment from Christian Ege: Drop `the doctor´s disagree´ on climate
Lomborg and the media in Britain
Lomborg and the media in USA
Lomborg and the international media
Finally, evidence from all these pages is combined to build an overall picture. This is given on the page

Lomborg and the media: Conclusions