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Protests to Aarhus University
    The authors of the very critical review of TSE in Nature were Pimm Stuart and Jeff Harvey. They both deal with the threats to biodiversity. Pimm was professor at Columbia University in New York, USA (he is now at Duke University). Harvey is British, but now works at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology.
    A contact was established between Stuart Pimm and a Lomborg opponent in Denmark. Together, they organized that Pimm lodged a complaint to Aarhus University, where Lomborg was employed. Pimm wrote a letter in which he explained that Lomborg´s postulates were not reliable, and urged the University to investigate this. This letter was sent on 14th Jan. 2002, and shortly after other letters of complaint were sent by biologist E. O. Wilson, who has been severely attacked by Lomborg, and by Tom Malone, who is General Secretary of the International Council of Scientific Unions, ICSU.
    Also in January of that year I had letters on Lomborg published in a few Danish newspapers. Because of these, I was contacted by the same person who had contacted Pimm, and, at his request, I likewise sent a complaint to Aarhus University on 7th Feb. 2002.
    These complaints did not lead to any consequences because, shortly after this, Lomborg left his position at Aarhus University.

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