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The years 2004 - 2005
Lomborg returned to his position as a senior lecturer at Aarhus University by August 1st 2004, where he resumed the usual tasks of teaching and "doing research". In his own words, he would again be absorbed in the study of books and statistics. In November, he published the conclusions from Copenhagen Consensus as a 700 page book titled "Global Crises, Global Solutions" .
    In November 2004, he announced to the head of his department that he would leave his position. He had found out that he had not enough time to attend to all his duties, such as marking examination papers, if he wanted at the same time to participate in the debate on environmental issues, and his lack of time had caused some grumbling among his colleagues. So he left his position at February 1st 2005.
   During most of January 2005, he travelled in the USA and Canada as a follow-up on the Copenhagen Consensus conference.
   On 2nd June 2005 he attained the title of "adjungeret professor", the English translation of which seems to be adjunct professor, at the Copenhagen Business School. His field of teaching here was "policy-making, scientific knowledge and the role of experts". The same title has been attained by e.g. a former prime minister, an editor-in-chief of a major newspaper, and an actress.

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