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The "Cool It" film
   Based on Lomborg´s book “Cool It”, a film was produced in 2010 which also had the title "Cool It". It was first presented at the Toronto Film Festival on 12th September 2010. It was directed by Ondi Timoner, a woman who has previously won the Sundance Award. It presents Lomborg´s life and his agenda and was more or less intended as a counterpart to Al Gore´s film ` Àn inconvenient truth´. Ondi Timoner´s influence seems especially evident in the last part of the film in which many alternative energy sources are presented. In an interview, she says that “This was a work-for-hire”. “I didn’t have the right to a final cut of the film, Lomborg did.” (Link).
   It seems obscure who funded the film. According to the link above, all Lomborg is willing to say is that it was `an independent producer´.
   The contents of the film are described here on Lomborg-errors.
   The film has been no success. In its opening weekend in November 2010 in USA, it made $655 per theatre. It grossed $58,179 in its debut month and a further $4,534 up to 24th December before it was pulled from theatres.  That would be $189 per day, or roughly $24 per theatre (link ).  

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