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The publication of the first book
    Lomborg did not only use the time to debate. He also gathered information to write a book which carried essentially the same messages as his "kronik"s. He completed work on this by mid-summer 1998, and the book was published on September 22nd. The Danish title of the book (Verdens sande tilstand) means "The True State of the World". It is a book of 322 pages, with about 600 references and nearly 1500 notes.
    Lomborg writes at the start of the book that it is conceived as an opposition to the yearbook "The State of the World", which is edited each year by Lester Brown at the Worldwatch Institute. By calling his book "The True State of the World", he signals that what Lester Brown writes is not true. Lomborg also writes that he uses the word "true" in the sense that "the description must cover all essential aspects of the state of the world, and that the description must be in accordance with the truth."
    The editor-in-chief of Politiken used a whole page in his newspaper to recommend the book, and Lomborg was given two more "kronik"s in a row to promote his ideas.

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