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Continued debate
    In conclusion, Lomborg survived this first coordinated opposition simply by denying the existence of all flaws and errors. Many errors were pointed out to him by many experts, but he learned very little from this.
    During the following years, the public debate pro et contra Lomborg did not die out, but continued in a lower gear. For instance, in the weekly journal read by Danish engineers ("Ingeniøren") there was much debate about many of the issues involved. In the newspaper Politiken, Lomborg was allowed by the editor-in-chief not only to have additional feature articles, but also to have a column every third week, and this has now continued for some years. In this column he sometimes advances claims that to an environmentalist appear quite appalling. It has been documented that, in some cases, his assertions are simply based on lies. Such assertions are possibly attractive to the newspaper editor, because he is guaranteed an on-going debate, but for the many people who have tried to oppose Lomborg, the debate is frustrating, firstly because Lomborg never admits anything, and secondly because when Lomborg looks as if he is about to lose, the editor closes the debate on that particular topic.

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